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The two newest items from The STIMULATOR in Missoula. You can also check out their fishing conditions report which includes information on conditions at Georgetown Lake.

Canine remains

Dale Cochrell said he wanted the man who shot his dog to see what he did, every time he drove down the road from his house.

Taking the remains of his hunting dog which had been shot that day by James Cressler, Cochrell mounted the dead dog at the bottom of Bear Gulch Road.

“So they could see it each time when they went out,” said Cochrell.

And according to Cressler, the tactic left its mark, disturbingly.

“Did that cause you mental distress?” asked Cressler’s attorney Dan Miller.

“Yes it did,” replied the defendant.

At Thursday’s sentencing hearing for Cressler who had been convicted of criminal mischief and animal cruelty misdemeanors after he shot a hunting dog belonging to Cochrell, the subject of the dog’s remains were brought up.

“Dale, what did you do with Bob’s body?” asked Attorney for the State, Chris Miller.

According to Cochrell, after he discovered his dog shot and law enforcement had photographed the animal, he mounted his dog’s remains at the bottom of the road for Cressler to view and remind him of the shooting each time he drove out from his house.

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