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Upcoming Events in Philipsburg, Montana

Live Music 8/19,8/20,8/21
4:00 August 19, 2022

Friday 8/19- Daniel Kosel and Madrona Road
Saturday 8/20- Wolf and the Moon
Sunday 8/21- Restless Pines
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12th Annual Rotary Concert & Charity Auction
1:00 August 20, 2022

This August will mark the Twelfth Annual Rotary Concert and Charity Auction at Winninghoff Park. Three bands will perform during the Saturday afternoon event and a live and silent auction will raise funds for Flint Creek Child Care and other...

Theatre week: Children's Theatre
8:00 August 22, 2022

Monday through Saturday.
More info to come

Live Music 8/26,8/29 @ The Springs
4:00 August 26, 2022

Friday- John Montoya
Sunday- Travis Yost
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Live Music 9/9,9/10,9/11
5:00 September 9, 2022

Friday 9/9- Jst US
Saturday 9/10- Miners Day Union
Sunday 9/11- Ed Johnson w/ Craig & Marlene
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Paranormal Conference with
5:30 October 1, 2022

Regional Paranormal conference group to be at the Philipsburg Theatre Saturday the 1st and Sunday the 2nd.

More info to come.

Music! Mike Compton & Joe Newberry
8:30 October 13, 2022

Grammy Award winning Mike Compton & Joe Newberry are to be at Philipsburg Theatre.

More info to come.

Jeremy McComb on Yule Night
5:00 December 9, 2022

Jeremy McComb will play at the Philipsburg Theatre on Yule Night!
More info to come.

Check back regularly for more Philipsburg, MT events and activities. We post new events and additional information as it becomes available to keep our Philipsburg events information up to date.

If you have an event coming up in Philipsburg, MT that you would like promoted here, please contact us with the date, time, location, and some information about the event and we'll do our best to have it added. We're looking for events open to the public and of interest to the population of Philipsburg or to people visiting Philipsburg.