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Upcoming Events in Philipsburg, Montana

Live Theatre
7:00 June 29, 2017

"Getting Sara Married" @ 7pm

Live Theatre
2:00 June 30, 2017

"The Tin Woman" @ 2pm; "Vaudeville
Variety Show" @ 7pm

Live Theatre
2:00 July 1, 2017

"Getting Sara Married" @ 2pm; "The Tin Woman" @ 7pm

Live Theatre
4:00 July 2, 2017

"Vaudeville Variety Show" @ 4pm

Live Theatre
7:00 July 6, 2017

"Vaudeville Variety Show" @ 7pm

Live Theatre
2:00 July 7, 2017

"Getting Sara Married" @ 2pm; "The Tin Woman" @ 7pm

Writer's Roundup & Wine Tasting
1:00 July 8, 2017

Quigley Cottage, Granite Co Museum and Philipsburg Public Library are sponsoring a Writers roundtable
We have 10 Montana authors who will discuss their writing accomplishments, take questions, have discussions with the audience and then have a...

Live Theatre
2:00 July 8, 2017

"Vaudeville Variety Show" @2pm; "Getting Sara Married" @ 7pm

Check back regularly for more Philipsburg, MT events and activities. We post new events and additional information as it becomes available to keep our Philipsburg events information up to date.

If you have an event coming up in Philipsburg, MT that you would like promoted here, please contact us with the date, time, location, and some information about the event and we'll do our best to have it added. We're looking for events open to the public and of interest to the population of Philipsburg or to people visiting Philipsburg.