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Upcoming Events in Philipsburg, Montana

Live Theatre
2:00 April 23, 2016

Farce @ 2pm, Vaudeville @ 7pm
See Schedule of shows and descriptions on the website or call 406-859-0013

Salad Smorgasboard
11:00 May 4, 2016

Salad Smorgasboard luncheon put on by the Presbyterian ladies. Come enjoy some great food.

Health Fair
6:00 May 11, 2016

Drummond Health Fair 2016
6:00 May 11, 2016

Annual Health Fair will be held at the Drummond Schools on May 11, 2016 from
6AM to Noon, there will be health screening blood draws and other simple screening tests, vendor booths, and student...

Farmers Market
10:00 May 21, 2016

Come join us for the Farmers Market in Philipsburg!

Interested vendors should contact Sherry Cotton @ 208-861-5666, email or Sharon at 406-288-0088,

Health Fair
6:00 May 25, 2016

Philipsburg Health Fair 2016

6:00 May 25, 2016

Annual Health Fair 2016, Philipsburg Schools, Old Gym, May 25th, 6AM to Noon
Blood screening panels,other simple screenings will be available,vendor booths, and health...

Waffle Wednesday
11:00 June 15, 2016

Homemade Waffle Lunch with all the fixins. Donations accepted, proceeds go to keep Philipsburg dressed with flags and flowers.

BBQ Backyard Throwdowne
12:00 June 18, 2016

10th Annual Philipsburg Barbeque challenge. Bring your skills! All kinds of meats cooked in a variety of ways, with cold beer, great salads, and live music!

Public Eats start at 5pm! Make sure to put this day on your calendar! Contact Bill at...

Live Theatre
7:00 June 23, 2016

Vaudeville @ 7pm
See Schedule of shows and descriptions on the website or call 406-859-0013

Check back regularly for more Philipsburg, MT events and activities. We post new events and additional information as it becomes available to keep our Philipsburg events information up to date.

If you have an event coming up in Philipsburg, MT that you would like promoted here, please contact us with the date, time, location, and some information about the event and we'll do our best to have it added. We're looking for events open to the public and of interest to the population of Philipsburg or to people visiting Philipsburg.