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Upcoming Events in Philipsburg, Montana

PBC Singo
6:00 April 22, 2024

All the fun of Bingo with a great musical soundtrack! The first 3 rounds have a set theme, with the 4th round being a blackout board. $2 per card with half the pot going to the winner. Move and groove, sing along, or just come to watch the fun and...

PBC Beer and Food
5:00 April 23, 2024

Let Cathy do the cookin' and the brewers do the brewin'
Enjoy a diverse array of culinary adventures including Newly wings, Cathy's infamous taco bar, pizza, and other delicious concoctions depending on the week.

Spelling Buzz- Philipsburg Brewing
6:00 April 24, 2024

Join us at the Philipsburg Brewing for a Spelling Buzz, a spelling competition with a twist!!

PBC Trivia
6:00 April 24, 2024

Join Trivia Maestro Scott Lyons and test your wits against other teams while enjoying the tastiest brews Montana has to offer.

Fly Fishing Film Tour
7:00 May 11, 2024

Fly Fishing Film Tour - Sponsored by The Ranch at Rock Creek

Tickets-$20 on

Philipsburg Community Garden - Zane's Park
12:00 May 12, 2024

1/4 acre of raised bed gardens will help provide FREE vegetables to those in need in our community AND educate those interested in learning about vegetable growing!

How can you help? Donations can be made at Citizens Alliance Bank in town OR...

Clam Feed!
3:00 June 22, 2024

Save the date folks! Everyone's favorite feed date has been set! June 22th 3pm at the new Fire Hall on Railroad Ave in Philipsburg.

Fresh clams & oysters, salads & spaghetti.

Adults $25, Kids under 12 $5

All proceeds benefit Philipsburg...

Braach Shepherds 4 Veterans Fundraiser
5:30 June 22, 2024

Biker Poker Run 12:00 Register VFW Maxville

Concert: Philipsburg Winninghoff Park
5:30 Announce Winning Hand
6:00 Clint Vick-Bobby and the Boyz
7:00 Live Auction-Weaver Auctions
7:30-10:00 Clint Vick-Bobby and the Boyz
Patriot Pin Up Girls,...

Check back regularly for more Philipsburg, MT events and activities. We post new events and additional information as it becomes available to keep our Philipsburg events information up to date.

If you have an event coming up in Philipsburg, MT that you would like promoted here, please contact us with the date, time, location, and some information about the event and we'll do our best to have it added. We're looking for events open to the public and of interest to the population of Philipsburg or to people visiting Philipsburg.