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204 W. Broadway
P.O. Box 825
Philipsburg, MT 59858

Upcoming Events in Philipsburg, Montana

Yule Night on Broadway
4:00 December 11, 2020

Holiday Cheer is in the air in Philipsburg. Enjoy an evening of nibbles and drinks at your local businesses, live music, pictures with Santa, and a lighted parade.

Market on Broadway
10:30 December 20, 2020

Market on Broadway is excited to be offering a series of holiday markets this season in Philipsburg, Montana. Join our creative market to find the perfect gift for someone special, while supporting talented artisans and crafts makers.
We will be...

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If you have an event coming up in Philipsburg, MT that you would like promoted here, please contact us with the date, time, location, and some information about the event and we'll do our best to have it added. We're looking for events open to the public and of interest to the population of Philipsburg or to people visiting Philipsburg.