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204 W. Broadway
P.O. Box 825
Philipsburg, MT 59858

Jamarama in Philipsburg

12:00PM - 8:00PM July 6, 2019

Come enjoy some live music, a pot-luck and great people coming together. If you have a musician friend or know someone who would like to perform, bring them with and encourage them to get up to the microphone! No pressure, of course!
This is going to be a Potluck, so bring a dish to share with everyone else, and I will supply plastic silverware, napkins, plates, and trashcans. Bring what you like to drink, your own steaks to grill, and a chair to sit on. There will be quite a few musicians playing, so we’ll have a sign-up list so every one gets a chance to perform!

For more info:Andy Schiedermayer


Winninghoff Park

Philipsburg, MT 59858