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204 W. Broadway
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Philipsburg, MT 59858

Prospectors Pickens' Vintage Market

8:00AM August 10, 2019 - 4:00PM August 11, 2019

Vintage Market sponsored by the Philipsburg Art Fund.

Entry is $3 per person or 2/$5

Prospector Pickins' in Pburg Vintage Market is Sunday and Good News -- the show is going to be INSIDE !! The weather is looking terrible for both Saturday and Sunday, so we are changing the location to the PHILIPSBURG GRADE SCHOOL GYM --

Please share and this information on your Facebook and Instagram pages to help us get the word out the the public.

Philipsburg Arts Fund benefits from the gate and the $$ remaining after advertising, supplies, etc, so we want the event to be successful!


Philipsburg Elementary
407 Schnepel St
Philipsburg, MT 59858